CTP Digital

Technotrans Single Bath Galvanics

3 units sold as a job lot - spares or repair

Suitable for conversion to Vinyl

€2,500 total for all 3

These machines were in production until 2015/2016 when they were acquired when the seller purchased a complete factory

On checking the machines to get them ready for testing the engineer noticed that one machine has been stripped of the PLC and selective cleaning power supply, additionally the solution had not been removed from any of the machines when put into storage and it has dried out and gone hard so work will need to be done before any could be used so they are being sold as a job lot for spares or repair

Note they have no jigs

Note in 1 of the the photo's motor had been removed for service but has since been put back in position - see close up

The inner bath dimensions are 325mm.

The overall machine dimensions are 730mm wide by 1450mm deep and 2220mm high making conversion to Vinyl possible

spare computer/touch screens/spare parts in the photo will be included

Cost to decomission, packing and transport by arrangement






Ref 253427