Warehouse clearance

Techintech High volume cell washing system

100 wafers at a time

Great condition - Cost $1,300,000 New

Now $100,000

Equipment located California

Ref 253491



1. Automated Alpha Tool (Double Sided Porous Silicon: 25 wafer batch) based on WS-820L platform
retrofittable to 50 wafer batch double sided
a. Wafer size 200mm
b. Wafer Flow Left to right
c. Cassette included
2. Components to include:
a. Main body – 1 unit
b. Loader – 1 unit
c. Unloader – 1 unit
d. Two robots for bath to bath transfer systems –
one robot for wet wafers and one for dry wafers;
Robot arms to be Teflon coated quartz - 2 units
e. Double Sided Porous Silicon bath – 1 unit
f. Electrical Breaker Box for U.S. safety regulation
g. CD ROM Manuals
h. Material is FM-PVC to meet FM4910 criteria
3. System description:
a. Position 1 : Loader (CTC type)
b. Position 2 : CHCL (Robot Chuck Clean)
c. Position 3 : PS (Single-Double Sided Porous Silicon bath)
d. Position 4 : QDR (Quick Dump Rinse)
e. Position 5 : SD (Spin Dryer)
f. Position 6 : Unloader (CTC type)
4. Other components:
a. Notch Aligner
b. Wafer Counter