Year 2009

GNA Automatic Glass Washer for thin film $395,000

Perfect condition

WM/160B3 - Horizontal Washer
General Description
The horizontal washing machines WM-B3 series are manufactured with high quality compents and stainless steel materials, which guarantee a long lifetime with minimum service.

The glass sheet is not only washed extremely well but, after cleaning, dried by air knives - down to the last drop - powered by a well insulated high performance blower


Ref 221691

Washing section
The machine is equipped with 3 pairs of specially designed high density brushes (0,3 mm bristle diameter) for high cleaning results.
Each brush is driven by a separate standard motor.
Spray-nozzles tubes are equipped with flat beam nozzles.

Between the washing section there are separation chambers, and to reduce the displacement of water there are squeeze rollers.




Drying section 
The drying section, following the washing section, is equipped with 2 pairs of air knives. The first (in flow direction) are placed straight, the second diagonal. The air knives are adjustable in height and blow inclination. The inside of drying section is entirely covered with sound absorbing material and a special guide system leads the air out of the drying section. The entire machine's sound isolation the noise level is 80 dB(A) with tolerance by DIN-Standards.



Max. glass width 1600 mm
Min, glass size 250 x 150 mm [L x W]
Range of thickness 2-25 mm
Conveyor speed 2-8 m/min
Table height 900 [± 30 mm]
Total length 4415 mm
Total width 2400 mm
Total height 1400 mm
Inlet conveyor 1000 mm
Washing section 1155 mm
Drying section 1260 mm
Outlet conveyor 1000 mm
Number of brushes 6 total (3 lower + 3 upper)
Number of water tanks 3
High pressure blower High pressure blower 1
Number of air knives 4 total (2 lower + 2 upper)
Total installed power 25,91 kW