Year 2009

Thin film pilot production line with lab and testing facilities

Cost new approx $19.5 USD million

Turnkey production line from ULVAC (Gen.5, 1.1 x 1.4 m2)

Capable for fabrication of single junction (a-Si) and Multi-junction thin film (a-Si/μc-Si) for R&D and pilot scale production

Supported by PV Test Lab with equipment capable to test according to IEC-61730 and IEC-61646 standardsCan be seen running

Includes technology transfer

Ref 251794

Complete List of Equipment of equipment below. The seller will decomission the machines ready for collection, start up help may be available

Main equipment;


Brand: ULVAC Model: IDR-1400M

Used for Repair/rework of defects after laser scribing



Soldering & wire bonding

Brand: Kuroda Techno. Co. Ltd Model:KTWB-1400

Used for Soldering (for connection)




Curing Oven

Brand: Tung Chang Machinery Model:TCF-1114

Used to cure the potting materials for junction box



Brand: NISSHINBO Model: Lam1537N

Used to laminate the PV panel with back side support and EVA


Edge Sealing

Brand: Assembly INC.

To seal the edge of PV panels


Simulator (flash)

Brand: NISSHINBO/Spire Model:SPI-SUN4800i-S



Brand: Nippon Sosey Kogyo Co

Used to dispose resin for gluing the junction box onto the PV panels



Brand: F.S.E. Corporation

Used to sputter thin film (R&D tools)


Glass cutter

Brand: Ying Chang Machinery Co Ltd

Model: YC-300C

Used to cut glass/PV panels



Brand: KENMEC Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd

Model: 97077

Used to clean up the glass panels at different stage of the process


Laser scriber

Brand: Kataoka

To laser scribe and separate PV cell.



Brand: Raditech

Model: SR-2

Used to measure coating thickness


Edge Dection/Deletion

Brand: Kataoka


Used to detection the excess Si at the edges of PV panels to avoid shortage



Brand: Dr.Schenk Inspection Systems

Used to inspect if particles exist on glass/PV surface


TCO Short Tester

Brand: Advanced Electronics Co Ltd

Model: RC-1400

To QC if there is any shortage of PV after laser scribing




Brand: ULVAC

Model: CCV-1400-5

To deposit a-Si thin film


Light soaking

Brand: All real


To expose PV Panels to light and stabilize their performance.




Brand: ULVAC

Model: SCH-135B

To perform Physical Vapor deposition of GZO, Ag & Ti




Brand: ULVAC

Model: CIM-1400

To deposit microcrystalline



Brand: Komatsu Forklift

Model: SP-1028

To transfer heavy samples


Solar Simulator (Steady State)

Brand: All Real

Model: SSSS - Light source : Class AAA for STC & NOCT test

To provide known light source and intensity and test the performance of PV panels




Dielectric Tester

Brand: Extech

Model: 7427

For insulation test, Ground continuity test and wet leakage test





UV Tester (UV-A+B Lamps)

Brand: All Real

Model: UV1411

Reliability test: exposure substrate to UV-A & UV-B



Temperature and Humidity Chamber - 1

Brand: Giant Force

Model: GTH-8200-45-CP-AR

Reliability test: exposure substrate to temp. cycling or constant temp. & Humidity

Temperature and Humidity Chamber - 2

Brand: Giant Force

Model: GTH-8200-45-CP-AR

Reliability test: exposure substrate to temp. cycling or constant temp. & humidity


Mechanical Load Tester

Brand: King design

Model: KD706-E

Test the physcial strength of PV framework under pressure


Hail Tester

Brand: King design

Model: KD705-E

To test PV panel against shooting by Hail stones



Impulse Voltage Generator

Brand: Megapulse

To perform impulse voltage drift



Partial Discharge Tester

Brand: Kikusui

Model: KPD2050


Module Breakage Tester

Brand: Glory Clever International Ltd

Safety test of PV against impacts



Cut test:

Evaluate the polymer sheet can withstand scratch or cut from normal installation


UV/Vis/NIR Spectrometer

Brand: Perkin Elmer

Model: Lamda 750

To acquire UV spectra of solid and liquid. Measuring UV from 190 to 3300nm


Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (RD)

Brand: Sorpa

To test the thickness of TCO or Si coating


Quantum Efficiency Measurement System

Brand: Protoflex

Model: Protoflex 1400

To measure the QE of a PV system


Raman Microscope

Brand: Horiba Jobin-Yvon S.A.S.

Model: HR800

To acquire Raman spectra (material characterization


Solar Cell I-V Measuring System

Brand: Advanced Electronics Co Ltd

Model: PS-100 (Newport ABB Solar sim + Keithley 2400)

To take the I-V cure of PV systems, Light source, class ABB