Year 2011/13

60-70 MW Cell production line for Poly or Mono

$1.99 million

JV with North American or Mexican Company considered

Ref 226725

List of Equipment of 50MW Solar cell Manufacturing Line

Main equipment;

Silicon texture structure by corroding machine- Kuttle.Jujing/Hongyibao

Spin dry machine-Wuxi

Wafer cleaning machine-Kuttle.Jujing/Hongyibao

Phosphorus diffusion profile under oxygen machine-Han's

Etching machine-C SUN

mono/poly texturing&Cleaning machines


PSG getting off & cleaning machine- Kuttle.Jujing/Hongyibao

PECVD machine and special gas instrument- Han's

Wafer transferring machine

Graphite boat cooling furnace- Han's

Graphite boat transfer and drying furnace- Han's

Screen printing machines- Dek

Sintering Furnace - Despatch/TPS

Final sorting and inspection machine. - Delta


Ancillary equipment:

De-ionized water system

Special gas stations

Industrial waste water processing system

Industrial waste gas processing system

Air conditioning unit

Etching fixture

Liquid oxygen and nitrogen system(not including sytem)

Electricity transformer station etc(not including in the price system)

Various connection and storage sets


Testing devices

Detection probe

Metallurgical microscope

Four Point probe tester

Wafer life tester