Year 2002/3 DVD Box
Making Line

150,000 Euros

Automatic line for manufacture of DVD - cases.

Line productivity: 32000-34000 pieces per day taking into account routine maintenance.

Attendants: 1 serviceman/ shift; + 1 mechanic/ week

Power consumption:
The actual current line consumption and the auxiliary equipment - 115 MVTCH/month.
Cooling water of 10°C , pressure 6-8 bar, consumption  40m3/h.
Air 6-10 bar, consumption 3-4 m3/minutes

Automatic line for manufacture DVD cases consists of:
Injection molding machine KM450/2700 C3 Krauss Maffei with the bunker for a material, the loader and batcher (dyer), 2003 of release.


Four-place hot channel stack-form (2х2) DVD box (manufacture of Swiss company AWM), 2003 of release.

Automatic robot SMB 622 SH1 – for removal of products from a mould, closing DVD of cases and acquisition on 4 pieces in row on a workmount (Manufacture of German company Heino Ilzemann), 2002 of release.

Automatic robot SMB 641 S4 CNC – for DVD cases stacking into 10 age boxes plus one reserve before foil sealing (Manufacture of German company Heino Ilsemann), 2002 of release.



Foil sealing machine CM-W3, 2003 of release.

Device of packing SB 10A in "sleeves" (Manufacture of German company Heino Ilzemann), 2003 of release.

The stacking Robot SMB 641 S4 CNC for putting of the sleeves on 2 pallets, 2002 of release.

Drying chamber tsn 49 with two-position loader for a material, tank for drying chamber t300ix with the exhaust device (Manufacture of Italian company Piovan), 2003 of release.

Injection mould: it has worked for 12 million cycles in total, in 2006 mould reconstruction has fulfilled, after that has worked for 6,5 million cycles more.

Located Europe

Very good condition

Can be seen running