Framing and crimping machine

New (includes semi-auto loading machine)

This machine was purchased for a specific project a few years ago but never used.

Made by Jinchen

Made for framing and then crimping frames but you may be able to modify to press frames (where there is no crimping)


Includes input conveyor, semi-automatic framing station (you place the frame in the machine manually) and crimping station

Can output to either another powered conveyor (available to buy separately €1,500) or to a roller conveyor (not supplied)

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Ref 242176
  Framing and locking machine type SWZ2000  Power 5.5kw. Voltage AC380V / 220V

Framing and locking machine type SWZ6000  Power 6.3kw. Voltage AC380V / 220V Corner crimper.

Compressed air - Unsure, manual says air consumption is 300L/min. Used for vacuum cups. Flipping stn. Very little air required.

Software - The interface is Proface. See separate picture.

In the manual the touch screen is Delta (I have not seen this item. May be in another closed in box)

Module sizes- Max framing dimension 2000mm x 1200mm, Min framing dimension 900mm x 900mm

Crimping unit compression force? Unknown

Main spec and technical data Input power 380v   50Hz, 220v   50Hz

Oil pump – 21 Mpa, pressure 12-14Mpa, Max pressure limit 16Mpa Flow 15L/min

Oil pump motor – 5.5kw   1450r/min

Frame sizes- Will do profiles for 35mm, 40, and 50mm. Crimping tools provided for 50mm. (other sizes available) I looked for the 50mm crimping tool but could not find it. It may be in one of the other packaged boxes.

The whole system is powered. I assume via the program that you can turn on or off each item. From the video it also looks like you can move the conveyors individually.