RENA Inline Texture Etching Machine


Year 2008 but never used

General Info:

Complete NEW IN CRATES ( 7 crates)

Located in USA


Manufacturer: RENA

Year: 2008

Wafer production rate: approximately 1400 wafers 156mm x 156mm per hour

Material Processed: Poly Silicon Wafers (Multi Crystalline Silicon)


Process: Detergent washing, Etching and drying

Wafer Size processing capability: 125mm and/or 156mm Square

5 transport lanes for all wafer sizes. Operates from left to right in respect to the operator. Distance between roller 48mm. Transport speed between .5M/min to 1.5M/min.

Cartridge carriage through the process Other info: RENA Wet Process Type ICT. New in crates, 7 total crates packaged for export. Located in USA. Overall in-stalled dimensions including loading and unloading 7500mm x 1900mm x 2050mm and approximately 3500 KG