Year 2005/2011 AM Master

Completely Refurbished by Singulus at their factory in 2011

Includes technotrans etc

The Translation systems was installed brand new in 2013


Ref 203650


The machine is capable of 3R DVD and 8X CD

180mm glass, GSSL Diode Laser.

Includes a Premastering rack and an Encoder Rack

model ACE for CD and DVD

The software version for the controller are:
Scape: 1.31.2
Cfg_Wiz (PLC Controller): 1.31.2

This machine currently works as a back end

to a holographic encoding system. 

It is the same type of machine used to create Microsoft holograms for Windows, Xbox, and Office.  Data can be switched to combine holograms and data in one recording.


Additional encoder would be required from DCA

Also required is a licence to use the patents owned by the seller but he would be prpared to discuss this


180mm Glass Baths, Bench and Cleaning station ,

Air handling unit,

Sibert punches (details to follow)

Tester available by negotiation