Complete DMS Mastering Suite Year 2006

Everything you need - complete list below

Really Excellent Condition

inc waster water treament,compressor, chiller air con and tables!

Still in daily production and can be seen running



1 x DMS Evolution Singulus (2006 ym.) 6X 2R

1 x Climate control unit for DMS, Voets&Donkers (2006 ym.)

1 x Eclipse tester, Image Analyzer 7.1 and 9.1 versions

1 x Sibert SPS finisher machine for stampers (2006 ym.)

1 x Sibert inner outer puncher, inc renewed punching head, and one used punching head in the box. COMP150 (2006 ym.)

1 x Technorans galvanic station: 3 baths (Modec.eps),

1 x stamper washing unit (Modec.spb V3.3), and aquapella drying unit (

1 x flow bench for chemistry preparation, part cleaning. TTA 1200 (2006 ym.)

1 x Miele washing machine for mastering glass, IR6002

1 x Wasser Intelligent Nutzen. Waste water treatment unit. FluidMaster150 (2006 ym.)

1 x Wasser Intelligent Nutzen. DI water preparation unit. FluidMaster120 (2006 ym.)

1 x McQuay water chiller M4AC100CRFXAD

1 x Atlascopco air compressor (almost new) RLR300/200T DO (2018 ym.)

1 x Air cooling/heating ventilation unit for room air. Tornado RIS1500WV

1 x Datarius tester (for spare parts, main PC is not working, analyzers are working)

 Some furniture, tables, 2 table PC‘s.

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