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Nova Frigo free cooler Year 2006

An open day in October will be held to show all the machines running

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From ADON Switzerland

Year 2006 - €1000 each

Type : TS120

Cooling Capacity is believed to be 120kw but the manufacturer should be contacted for verfication

The Jolly TS Modular Thermoconvectors have been designed to obtain closed circuit systems for the production of process cold water for the cooling of industrial plants with no water consumption and the lowest electric power use. They basically consist of an air/water (or water/glycol mixture) heat exchange battery, an hydraulic circuit complete with pump, electrofans and a refined microprocessor control panel.
Thanks to the very high heat exchange coefficient, result of the oversizing of the exchange surface, the water coming out of the thermoconvectors may reach temperatures close to the ambient air. Coupling of the Jolly TS Thermoconvectors with the Jolly RS/RC or Jolly NP chillers result in the RSTS/RCTS/NPTS energy saving systems.

Very well maintained

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