Herzog&Heymann machinery equipment to produce CD/DVD covers and mailing leaflets.

Herzog + Heymann Stamper Cutter, Pick & Place, Folder Gluer" for 2 CDs
/Credit Card etc etc.


Unit 1 - Mobile MBO Round Pile Feeder Dualfeed SAR-72

Size max. 72 x 104 cm
Size min. 14 x 18 cm
Delivery-height max. 1150 mm
Delivery-height min.    900 mm
with VIVAS
(Sheet-Infeed and Alignment System
through Suction-Belts),
MC-Control with Batch counter and
Double Sheet Control


Ref 211207

Unit 2 - Bograma punching unit BS 750 Servo / 320


Max Format with die cutting = 350 x 750 mm

Max Punching format die cutting = 310 x 700 mm

+ die-cutting equipment / 320

+ pull lay

+ swivelling roller lever in exit area



Unit 3 - Special H&H Transfer unit UEB 750

with timed air-blast and waste stripping unit
incl. end stops for 2 ups


Unit 4

Transportation system type 392
with roller table and increased cutting unit 382 (3 pairs of cutter shafts
and 1 additional bottom cutter shaft) 72 cm working width, 3,3 m suction line mobile and height adjustable
+ high-speed guides
+ plough fold from left and right
+ 4th top cutter shaft
+ 2 creasing units V-type
+ 4 micro-perforation units

+ 2 tear-off perforation units 


b/ HHS mobile trolley with hotmelt-glueing system (5 single hotmelt heads with special holding bracketry) heating tubes, 8 kgs glueing tank,
8-channel-controller XT-8


Unit 5- Two Pick and Place Servo feeder with special CD-magazin or special products /like credits card etc./


Unit 6 – Two Special frame with fix mounted

module to pick up the CD’s  from the CD-magazin “Ilsemann”
and Ilsemann CD-magazin with 11 spindels or special products /like credits card etc./with Ionisiersystem with 2 heads to hold the CD in place through static



Unit 7

a/ Transportation system type 091 without roller table

3,3 m suction length
72 cm working width
mobile and height adjustable
+ plough fold from left and right

b/ Hot glue mobile system for closing short flaps or putting dot of glue etc. with 2 Hot glue nozzle, tank, controller


c/ parallel fold cassette for folding or closing products



Unit 8 - Slitting unit type 381 with 3 pairs of cutter shafts

52 cm working width
roller-table, mobile and height-adjustable
+ high-speed guides
+ holding collars for pressing


Unit 9 - Flat track delivery unit M7

72 cm working width
special length 1.500 mm





Whole line can do 1 o 2 CD/creidit card

1 80 mm disc etc etc in other industries


Line only worked for 2 months


Machine capacity

                heavy paper (170 gm)  & 2 CD 3 – 4000 per hour

                light paper & 1 CD                            4000 - 4500 per hour

Machine can be demonstrated



Unit 1 Mobile MBO

Paper loaded on topand feeds out.

Storage capacity

                 100gm paper 1000 to 1050



Unit 2 Bograma punch

Bograma is swiss company

This is for stamping with a plate, on line. Cutting plate on top (not showing)


Unit 3 H&H Transfer

Between Bograma  & gluin system stips out waste cuttings


Unit 4 Transport system with the HHS 5 hot melt heads


Unit 5 & 6  2 pick & place units, for CD Credit Cards etc


Unit 7a Puts static into the unit to hold CDs in place  and makes the first fold


Unit 7b  Extra 2 spots gluing system for adding other items & does 2 folds


Unit 7 c for parqllel folding


Unit 8  Slitter