MEP 120

Sleever for 120mm Discs

& FF 130

€ 6,000

Recently serviced by MEP


Ref 216945

Includes plate for sitting machine on

For Plastic, Carton, Tyvek & Paper Sleeves With or without flap (will NOT tuck in plastic flap)

Capacity 51 sleevings per minute

Uses standard spindles

(length 210 = 120 CDs, to 305 mm = 180CDs)



Small & light

(Height 560mm, Length 800mm, Width 380mm, 35 Kg)

Requires only Electrical and Air/Vacuum connections

Hopper 150 sleeves

Electricity 100 to 240 V, (self adjusting) 50 or 60 hertz

Vacuum Minus 800 mill bar, 5 cubic meters/hour

Counter for counting number of CDs sleeved, & presetting switch to pre-set the precise number to be sleeved.