Fully Automated Cake Box packing line

This line does everything from count the disc to closing the cake box and packing into cartons - Europe - includes cake box moulds

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€40,000 each


Ref 226400



  1. Puts the protective paper disc on the transport spindle.
  2. Puts 50CD,s/50DVD,s from material spindle to transport spindle.
  3. Count‘s cd/dvd on the Transportspindle.
  4. Fill missing quantity if necessary.
  5. Cover sheet handling -place a paper disc on the top of the CD / DVD disc.
  6.  Cakebox-bottom handling:Transfers 50CD,s/DVD,s  from transportspindle to cakebox-bottom
  7. Banderole is placed around the product and sealed with Cakebox top.
  8. Closing station: Cake Box Top is locked with Cake Box Bottom. Optionally an additional cover sheet or advertising label can be attached.
  9. Transfer handling : Cakebox is placed on product carriers.
  10. Wrapping machine: Cakebox is shrinkwrapped.
  11. Heat tunnel shrinks the foil
  12. Cakebox is placed on conveyor belt.
  13. Cakebox moves to the collecting table in the robot cell.
  14. Robot fills carton with Cake boxes (4/5/6-fold), one or two-ply
  15. Carton is sealed and printed with EAN code.
  16. Carton is palletized according to given pattern.

Cake box moulds included:-

  • Cake Box 10  : Top= 17,7 g, bottom = 22,40 g
  • Cake Box 25  : Top= 24,5 g, bottom = 26,40 g
  • Cake Box  50 : Top= 42,2 g, bottom = 30,70 g