Year 2011

3S - 35MW Automated

Solar Module production line

Excellent conditon

Can be demonstrated - Europe


Ref 251968

Equipment includes the following:

Somont Automatic Stringer R2 - 1200 Cells per hour - 3BB

With Automatic Glass Layup

Complete with String vision, Ribbon cutting and 3m glass feeding upgrades

3 S laminating lines complete with

Insertion module


Middle Module

Cooling press

Extraction Module


Laminator Upgrade Options:-

CWK90 Cooling Device

SP630 Dry running screw pump

Table 3622 with integrated pneumatic lift

NG3622CP Protection grating


3S - ST2200 Manual Soldering table


Pasan Sun Simulator


Pasan Tunnel

Instrument Rack

Label printer

Pasan Hipot INSPECT


3rd Party supplied workstations

Glass washing and drying machine

Automatic Foil Cutting Machine 65MWp

MT2200 Manual Repair table

Ribbon cutting device for junction box

Interconection roller conveyor with mirrors

Dark Current measurement unit

Trimming station - manual 180° roll table


Cleaning and flip station

Junction box station

Frame Press

Corner Press

Cleaning manual 180° roll table

Flasher tower horizontal including turn and control unit

Control systems - frontend Minitec

Column lift front/back - working radius 3m


3rd Party Manual Conveyor systems


Roll Conveyor

Corner Conveyor

Walk Through Conveyor

Module flip station


3rd Part Automatic Conveyor systems

LEL Belt Conveyor

LEL Belt Conveyor with walk through

LEL Double belt conveyor


Corner Belt Conveyor SEL to LEL

LEL Belt and Roller Conveyor

SEL Belt Conveyor


External Equipment

Interconnection Reis inductive 200 sec w/o L shape

EL Integrated