2002 Yebelmecca M1 DVD jacket inserter


Very Good Condition
Recently Serviced
Puts outer sleeve in case

Not suitable for 7mm box

Infeed Storage Capacity

The infeed conveyor of the module 1 holds around 120 boxes, see attached picture.

If you want a bigger buffer you will need to buy separately an infeed table which holds 350 boxes

Influence of Box Quality

Like with every packing machine, also the performance of the module 1 will depend on the quality of the boxes and paper. If you give the machine rubbish it will give you rubbish back.


However I find the Ybelmeca module 1 more tolerant to the quality of boxes than other packing machines. It will eat almost everything but even for the Ybelmeca there are limitations. It doesn't like "Banana boxes".


In general the more speed you require the better the quality of the materials needs to be."

Ref 201987