DVD Box making line With Sumitomo


Sumitomo Injection Machine (1995)

SG150U Yushin Take out Robot (1997)

Assembling machine made by local Robotic company (2008)

1 Cavity clear DVD box 14mm Mould 55 grams -

Double DVD box mould

Single Box mould Year 2008

Cycle time is 8sec depending on PP material, sometimes it is higher, but never higher then 9 sec.

PP film  welder cycle time is 4 sec.

Can produce around 10,000 Pieces in 24hrs

Ref 207099


Also available:-

Welding machinefor DVD box films €3,000

The welding machine (2007) is of Chinese origin

Capacity is 20,000 pcs per 24hrs

All of above can be seen in production

Located Europe