Year 2009

OpTek Laser Scriber


Very little used

Minimum spacing between PI, P2, P3 scribe lines to ensure maximum use of available
cell real-estate

System automatically compensates tor temperature variations in glass substrates

P1, P2 and P3 scribing on the same machine platform

Cost more than $870,000 New


Ref 221691

Basic Specification

Takt Time/Scribe Type: <2 minutes

Scribe Types: PI, P2, P3

Scribe specification::-
Acceptable Isolation
No micro cracking preferred
No visible residue or recast

Position on work piece:-
Line to line accuracy 25u,m Start point on substrate 0.2mm

PI, P2, P3 Line widths: 40u.m or less

PI to P3 Spacing:<200um with active alignment option



Line to line spacing: Lasers:~10mm

Shot-to-shot stability 5% RMS, Power adjustable 10% to 100%

Substrate size:
1,4m x 0.86m x up to 5mm thick (Assumed scribes 1.4m long)