Year 2005 Rena InOx Etch Tool


Located in USA

Operational until taken out of service in early 2010


Megawatt production: approximately 1700 wafers per hour 156mm x 156mm with a gap of 15mm and speed of 1M/min (up to 2010 wafers per hour 125 mm x 125mm)

Material Processed: Poly Silicon Wafers (Multi Crystalline Silicon)

Ref 227384


Side Etch Tool for PSG removal and junction isolation in a single tool. 5 transport lanes with working direction from left to right. Transport rollers transport wafers, down holder rollers hold the wafers to avoid buoying upwards.

Process chemical: Hydrofluoric Acid

Wafer Size processing capability: 125mm and/or 156mm Square

ATS automatic loading and unloading systems


Other info:

RENA Model InOx etch tool. Equipment is used after phosphoric doping for removal of excess PSG material and junction isolation to prepare wafers for silicon nitride coating in Roth & Rau SiNa lines. Machine is 14’L x 7’W x 7’H, input voltage 208V AC, 3ph, 60HZ, 15 amps. Installation, maintenance and operation manuals included with the purchase. ATS loader and unloader model # 1817 superbot autoload station with Allen-Bradley Panel View 600 controller. 10’ Long x 6’ Wide x 7’ High input voltage 208V AC, 3ph, 60HZ, 30 amps.Year 2006