Year 2005 AccuFab Systems Wafer Wash and Sodium Etch Line


Located in USA

Operational until taken out of service in early 2010

Megawatt production: approximately 1200 wafers per hour

Material Processed: Poly Silicon Wafers (Multi Crystalline Silicon)

Ref 227384

Process: Detergent washing, Sodium Sulfate Etch

Wafer Size processing capability: 125mm and/or 156mm Square

Wafer drying stations included in the line

Cartridge carriage through the process

Other info:
AccuFab Systems (AFS) Sodium Etch Line. Total of 20 stations, (8) cleaning, (8) etching, and (2) drying. Au-tomated loading and unloading of cartridge type carriers. Size 54’ Long x 7’ Wide and 7.5’ High; 480 V AC, 3 ph, 60 HZ, 360 Amps. Operational and maintenance manual included.