INVSUN 12X8 Year 2009



Available immediately

Located India

Can be seen running

Suitable for:-

Mono crystalline

Poly Crystalline

(AR Coated or Non AR coated)

Ref 251760

Max Module Dimension 1800 mm x 1100 mm

Measurement Range Voltage: 100V

Xenon Flash Tube Fixed at Bottom and Solar

Light Source Pulsed Xenon light source with AM 1.5

filter, closely matching the solar spectrum

avoiding solar module heating



Illumination Uniformity ±4% over 1800 mm x 1100 mm area

 Reference cell Mounted inside Xenon Flash Unit and

coupled to electronic load to monitor

illumination intensity and control pulse to

pulse consistency and to trigger data

acquisition. The temperature of the reference

cell is continuously monitored with built in



Variable Insolation 70-110 mW/cm2, measured by calibrated

reference module.

Electronic Load A Computer controlled electronic load for

automatically varying the load point to plot

IV curve.


The module testing temperature is measured

with the thermocouple assembly, which is

kept on the module sensing the back surface

temperature during testing to allow optional

temp compensation of the IV data.