PVPM 1000C Year 2010


Available immediately

Located India


Ref 251760

The PVPM1000C provides the measurement of the I-V-curve of photovoltaic modules as well as
strings, up to 1000V and 40A (suitable for CPV). The device can calculate the peak power Ppk, the
Rs and Rp from a single measured I-V-curve directly at the place of assembly of the PV system.
Calculation results and the diagram can be displayed on the internal graphical LC display.




The PVPM1000C is a mobile measuring device with integrated battery supply and battery charger
in durable aluminum housing. The device has its own industrial miniature PC and a high-contrast
LCD display and thus its function is independent of other devices. However if desired a PC can be
attached for data transfer and further analysis of the measured values over a standard USB


The PVPM is operated comfortably over the front panel keys and an on-screen menu. The
functions are defined self-describing and the user is always led by the program.


Specification of the Measuring Unit:




Miniature industrial PC 32Bit, real time clock, no mechanical moving parts
• Sampling rate max. 100kHz
• Resolution 0.01V - 0.25V, 0.005A – 0.01A (depending on sel. range)
• Accuracy of the a/d converter 0,25%
• Accuracy Peak power measurement: ±5%
• Reproducement: ±2-3%
• Duration of single measurement: 20ms up to 2 seconds, avoiding the influence of
capacitive properties of the module under test
• Non volatile data storage for several thousand measurements
• Irradiance reference sensor (Phox) with integrated Pt100 or Pt1000 temperature sensor
measures irradiance and cell temperature
• Other commercially available sensors as e.g. ISET-Sensor® can be connected using a
reliable cable connection
• 4-wire-cabling between PVPM and generator under test avoids mis-measurement of
• Additional measurement of the back surface temperature of the module under test (second
input for Pt100 RTD available)
• Continuous long-term measurements of I-V-curves in selectable time intervals