Year 2011 YDC

(Yamashita Denso Corp.)

Very Large Format

Solar Module Tester

Flasher / Sun Simulator


This Machine is like new

Ref 251200

This YDC Yamashita Denso Corporation Large Format Solar Panel Tester was

Designed to test Polysillicon and Amorphous a-Si solar panels

Can also do standard size solar modules

Special optical glass design

Upgraded  Xeon bulbs which insure a consistent quality flash.

Designed to for simultaneous testing of 2 panels or can be used with a single panel


6000mm x 900mm for Solar Panels up to 3 feet wide by 19 feet long.

3 integrated 2000mm by 900mm Flash Testers with matching High Power Supplies

Flash Solar Simulator that responds to JIS C8912 Class A and ASTM E927 (only spectral match)

5-10msec 40 KVA single flash pulse xenon lamp test system

Programmable pulse timing for variety of solar panel configurations.

I-V Curve Measuring System for Solar Panels follows JIS C8913 and ASTEM


Measuring System follows JIS C8913 and ASTEM

Measurement range up to 80 Volts at 15 Amps

Measurement Points: 30 at 1000W/m2

Measures Isc, Voc, Pmax, Vpm, Ipm, FF, Iv, Vi, I-V Curve Rs, Rsh

Rackmount Integrated Window XP based software testing analysis

Power: 208 Volts 3 Phase 60 Hz 40 KVA



Weight: 2100 kg or 4,630 lbs

Complete manuals and schematics.

Made in Japan

This item is currently disassembled and in storage in USA.

Spare parts and lamps are available separately.