Year 2008 3S Laminator

30 MW Capacity

€ 85,000

Ref 250161

 Type: 3S 3622
 year 2008
 quantity: 1 Laminator
 Available area for lamination: 3500 x 2100 mm
 Tempered glass from 3 – 4 mm
 Material encapsulation: EVA
 Capacity: Up to 16 modules / h (60 cells, cycle time 15 min)



 The cycle time of the laminator is dependent on the type of EVA being used. Each laminator can be loaded with 4 laminates per cycle (60 cells modules), resulting in a capacity of approximately 16 laminates per hour per laminator.
 load/unload automatic conveyor
 pin-lift system
 hybrid heating
 cooling section