Year 2009

P.Energy L600A Laminator

Sold - More needed

Like new-hardly used

Belt system for automated loading/Unloading also available at additional cost


Width=3400 mm; L=2400 mm; H=1000 mm; Weight=5 t.
Usable Lamination plate (aluminium): 3000x2000 mm.

Heating up to 180 C.
Installed in June 2009.



3 cycles/hour.

18 heating zones, +/-<2K.

Vacuum pump - 280 m3/h.

Control Unit - PLC Siemens.

  • Touch Screen Panel in order to program the lamination cycle in very friendly way

  • 18 PID Controls guarantee 2°C of temperature variation in all the surface of aluminium plate (0.2° degree is optional)

  • Water Cooling Circuit and a connection for a fast cooling-down

  • The modules laminated with P.Energy L600 A pass the spec. IEC 61215 - IEC 61646 - IEC 61730 (exposure tests, thermal, humidity-freeze, mechanical load cycling , thistad mounting surface, hail impact and high voltage isolation).