ODC Laserwave (nr.2)

Model: M-5400

Serial Nr. 1024

Build in 2001

Glass diameter: 240mm

General condition: good

Documentation: English manuals

Mastering formats:

- All CD formats

- All DVD formats

In practice only CD and DVD5 was ever mastered on this system.

It should be capable of mastering DVD9, but it has never been done.

An option for CD-r mastering was installed on this machine (wobble

function) but was not used due to poor results.

Mastering speeds:

4x CD

20MHz DVD (which is slower than single speed (1R))


Original ODC encoder.

Software version: LW control Ver.2.50.16 dated 19-9-2001

Data Input:

- Network connection

- 2 removable SCSI harddiscs (2x 17GB)

- Plextor 12plex CD-rom

In practice all mastering jobs were done from network files.


The scheduling of the mastering jobs for both mastering systems is done

using a separate server PC equiped with scheduling software: LW Jobmanager

Ver.2.50.38 Dated 20-8-2001

This PC was also equipped with one DLT-4000 drive and one Exabyte drive.