Complete DSR (Direct Stamper Recording) Upgraded 2010

Mastering system - no Galvanics needed

record direct onto special substrate


Ref 207180


Really quick process - substrate about €40

DSR line Serial Number is: 804, 
MFD : 2000.
Model Number: DSR 3900/00.  
New Controller PC and software installed in 2004 and 
New Solid State BSSL Laser , installed by Singulus in 2010. Including new SIEMENS CPU LBR controller. 
New ACE 250 Encoder with Software  installed by SINGULUS in 2011.

DSR line
Climate control cabinet (small problem with compressor)
Millipore water cleaning, deionisation unit
Air fine cleaning cabinet
Cleanroom cabinet for substrates loading
Computer and and server with rack.