ODC LaserPrep

Year 2006

Never been used by current owners so being sold for spares


Can be inspected - Europe

The LaserPrep is an automated mastering glass preparation system.

This system processes new glass or glass already in the cassette directly from the ODC Nimbus glass recovery system and automatically final cleans, coats, performs quality checks, bakes, and inserts up to 20 pieces of glass into an environmentally sealed storage/transport container ready for mastering.

The system utilizes two input and two output cassettes for a full capacity of 40 pieces of glass without operator intervention. This unit is capable of supporting up to two LaserWave III LBRs operating at 10X CD recording speeds or 125 MHz DVD clock rates. The unit may also be used to prepare substrates for ODC Nimbus M8000 Blu-ray Disc Mastering System.


Ref 251363