Year 1997

Balzer PLS 570 Metalizer

Big enough for 12" Vinyl

Can be seen working

Very Good conditon



Ref 211833

This machine can be used for the production of PVD coatings and will have a Magnetronsputtercathode (200 mm x 80 mm), medium-frequency generator (5 kHz to 350 kHz) is powered by a 10 kW.

As process gases argon, oxygen and nitrogen and mixtures of these gases can be introduced through mass flow controllers after the evacuation of the vacuum chamber. The plant will also have a "Upstream Pressure Control" feature. With the help of the mass flow controller and an attached pressure gauge the amount of the introduced process gas can be controlled automatically so that in the vacuum chamber during the coating process, a constant pressure and a constant mixing ratio of the gases prevails. This provides an increased reproducibility of the coating processes and facilitates the development of new coating processes. The system is for the production of metallic and oxidic and nitrated particularly for PVD layers (eg. TiO2, TiN)