OWRAP 50 Brand New Wrapper

€ 16,500

Designed for companies with limited floor space.

Developed for the optical disc market

Can wrap with the correct kits:

CD slim

Normal Jewelcase

DVD 7mm

DVD 14mm

2 kits supplied with machine

Tear strip assembly included The speed is

approx 45ppm (dependent on product)

Ref 7405

No compressed air, or vacuum required

Special configurations available

Additional cost options:-

Infeed conveyor belt

Outfeed collection table

Includes parts warranty and delivery

CE certified

Build and delivery max 10 weeks from payment.


Technical Specifications

Machine Dimension :
(W)120cm, 47.2In. x (D)83cm, 32.7In. x (H)143cm, 56.3In

Power : 220VAC Single Phase 2500W

Motor : 2Hp

Speed : 42PPM.

Standard Packaging Dimension :
CD 10.4mm/5.2mm DVD 14mm/7mm

Machine Weight : GW500KG, NW 480KG
Crate size : 2.6CBM